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Main Menu

There will be alterations made on a daily/weekly basis and be sure to check in regularly to Twitter for specials. Daily menu will be some combination of options below.


This is a complete menu of items possible on the truck at any given service. Items will rotate and daily menu will not have all items listed below available.


Smoke Bombs - Jalapenos, stuffed with cheese and pulled pork, wrapped in bacon and smoked.

MEAT - all meat slow-smoked to perfection on this truck
Brisket - Whole packer, seasoned with homemade rub and slow smoked over hickory and apple for over 17 hours to tender, juicy perfection.
Burnt Ends - Meat candy. Cubed pieces of brisket, sprinkled with additional rub and re-smoked for several more hours, then coated with BBQ sauce. Good as it gets.
Pulled Pork - Bone-in butt, perfectly seasoned with homemade dry rub and slow smoked over hickory and apple wood for over 17 hours.
Pulled Chicken - Slow smoked whole chickens rubbed in our special chicken rub then pulled for your pleasure.
Smoked Sausage - Juicy smoked sausage. Hot Links or Jalapeno .
El Diablo - 2/3 lb. of meat. Pulled Pork & Hot Link, melted Pepperjack cheese, housemade Diablo sauce and fried jalapeno strips.
The Hulky - 3/4 lb of meat. Sliced brisket, pulled pork & hot links, spicy BBQ sauce, thick cut pepper-bacon and fried onion strings.
Pork Ribs - Baby back ribs, seasoned with homemade rub and smoked for over 5 hours.
Chicken Fried Brisket - Yes, I'm serious. Same tender, smoked brisket, breaded and then deep fried. Served with country gravy or BBQ sauce.
Smoked Chicken Wings - A full sized chicken wing smoked and finished on the grill. Choice of Hot or BBQ flavored.


Meat only - Serving of ribs, pork, sausage or brisket. Served with a slice of bread and sauce.
Sandwich & a side - Brisket (sliced or chopped), pulled pork or sausage.
Two Meat & two sides - choice of two meats (beef, pork, sausage) and two sides.
PignSlop - Bowl of messy goodness. Layers of crispy fries and Cowboy Beans, covered in your choice of any two meats (beef, pork, sausage).
Rib plate - Three spare ribs and your choice of two sides.
Loaded BaconMacnCheese - 1/2 pint of Bacon Mac w/ your choice of meat chopped on top.
Cheesefries/Loaded Cheesefries - Crispy handcut fries smothered in cheese and meat if requested


Bacon MacnCheese - homemade mac & cheese infused with crispy bacon. You're welcome!
Amma's Cowboy Beans - Amma Joy's recipe. Slow cooked pintos. Good as it gets.
BBQ Baked Beans - sweet and spicy baked beans.
Pork & Green Chile Hominy - If you've never had this corn-based delight,stop depriving yourself. It's homemade and infused with crispy bacon and chunks of pulled pork and roasted Hatch chiles. Again, you're welcome!
Handcut French Fries - Crispy potato goodness seasoned with special seasoning.
Fried Okra - Whole okra pieces breaded and fried golden brown.
Black Eyed Peas - They're not just for New Year's Day anymore. Simmered slowly with chunks of pork. Give them a try! (seasonal)
Mom's Cole Slaw - Homemade vinegar based slaw. Little bite to it. Great cool, crispy addition to any meal.


Texas Sheet Cake - Another one of Amma Joy's recipe. Really some of the best chocolate sheet cake you'll ever have. Perfect sweet ending to a BBQ meal.
Banana Pudding - Creamy naner treat. Classic BBQ dessert to cool down the tang.


Sodas and bottled water. OMQ sweet tea available in the summer.